Aisling an Beith: Birch Ogham Protection & Courage Amulet


This beautiful piece of nature jewelry was handcrafted in a magical corner of Ireland at the foot of the Macgillycuddyreeks mountains outside Killarney.

Created out of respectfully gathered native Irish birch and pyrographed with the ancient Ogham symbol for birch…just as it was in ancient times.

The birch leaf and beads are also hand cut and carved from the same magical birch, and oiled with a wood finish.

Aisling an beith are the old Gaelic Irish words for dream of the birch. For the birch has always been a big dreamer and achiever.

A beautiful gift to yourself or a loved one with a deep affiliation with nature, magic, and Ireland.

May the magnificence of the birch protect, heal, and strengthen you, and bring deserved abundance your way.

With love and magic from Ireland.




A birch Ogham protection and courage amulet for the soul that dares to live bravely or needs a helping hand in doing so.

Aisling an Beith (pronounced ash-ling an beh) are the old Gaelic Irish words for dream of the birch.

For if the birch had ever a dream for you it would be that you have the courage to live and love bravely the very life you were always destined to lead.

Since our mythological beginning in ancient Ireland, our elders have always associated birch for its courageous and good luck magical qualities.

Representing renewal, rebirth and new beginnings she is the first tree to show her jewel-like leaves after the harshness of Winter.

In doing so she softly tells those that listen, that the best protection anyone can have, is courage.

The courage to bravely break new ground and throw off the shackles of the past which have never served you.

It is through this journey of transformation can you truly align with your soul’s true purpose.

This is what Aisling an Beith would dream for you.

Size information:

Mini wand pendant: Approx 90 mm x 12 mm

Leaf: Approx 40 mm x 50 mm x 4 mm

Beads: Approx 30 mm x 10 mm

Chain length: Approx 600 mm x 3 mm



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